The Boat Safety Scheme Boat Owners’ Survey has launched please take the time to complete it

The Boat Safety Scheme Boat Owners’ Survey launched on Monday 15/03/2021 and is now live.
Whilst BWBC understands the importance of ensuring boats are safe and that the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) has an important role in helping to do so, the BSS does impose requirements on boat owners that are not imposed on house or caravan owners for example.  Costs are incurred by boat owners in meeting the BSS, so the BSS organisation needs to ensure the requirements to be met really do improve safety.  It also needs to ensure that the scheme itself is efficient so that the cost of running the scheme, which are met by boat owners through the cost of their BSS certificate fee, is kept as small as possible.

This is your chance to give your views and we hope that you will take the time to participate in the survey.

It should take about 5-10 minutes to complete.  You can complete this on any device, but our recommendation is to use a laptop or PC rather than a Smartphone.

Please use the link below to access the survey.

The survey is completely anonymous and there is no way of linking your responses to your email address.

If you have any problems completing the survey, please email the project manager at the market research company who are helping the BSS with the survey  –

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