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The BWBC committee have agreed on the following action.

A message from the Commodore:

"Following Government advice to keep us all well it is with regret that we are cancelling all club events to the end of June starting with and including the Fitting Out Supper on the 28 March 2020. Should the advice change before then we will attempt to reinstate the programme as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on the club website, Facebook and your email inbox for updates"

Keep safe!

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Coronavirus and boating update

Following the most recent announcement from the Prime Minister regarding the UK’s response to the coronavirus crisis, we are asking leisure boaters to stop all non-essential travel. As a result, and to help those who live-aboard (along with those who would need to travel to their boat in order to move it) we are suspending the requirement to move every 14 days. The suspension will be kept under review in line with revised government guidance, applying initially until 14 April.

We ask everyone to be considerate and make sure at least a minimal amount of essential movement is maintained to keep vital boater facilities and services accessible to those that need them. We will continue to maintain boater facilities and pump out cards are available from our online shop. (We will be urgently reviewing the implications for face-to-face sale of pump out cards and facilities keys from our public offices).

Please click here for the latest updates to our Frequently Asked Questions and up to date advice on where to get support.

Colleagues whose roles are critical to the safe management of the waterways, for example those managing water levels, those carrying out statutory inspections of canal structures, ensuring essential facilities for boaters are available etc will continue their day to day work.

We will be doing whatever we can to support our customers and protect the waterways so we can return to enjoying them fully when the crisis is over. We will keep the situation under active review and update you in line with changing circumstances and guidance.

If you subscribe to Boaters' Update you already received this email yesterday evening but technical difficulties prevented us from adding all boat licence holders that we have a valid email address for. These have now been added so we apologise if you're receiving this email for the second time.

Thank you for your patience and forbearance and please stay safe during these unprecedented times.

Richard Parry
Chief Executive
Canal & River Trust

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Coronavirus & boating update, 13 May 2020

Hello Barry,

When we were in touch yesterday we said that, along with other navigation authorities, we would review when navigation might re-open in light of the new Government advice. Government have issued clarification this morning, 13 May.

We are now able to set out our approach to opening our navigation to private boating in England. Please remember that social distancing continues to be maintained, with only members of your household able to go aboard your boat until further notice.

From today, Weds 13 May 2020
You may undertake short boating trips only from today – avoiding use of locks and any staff-operated structures if possible – providing, as per current government guidance, you do not stay away from home overnight and return to your home mooring (where you have one).

From Saturday, 23 May:
Mooring exemptions will come to an end and our guidance for continuous cruisers comes back in to force. This doesn’t mean that every boat without a home mooring needs to move on this day, just that we’d expect you to move off your current mooring within 14 days (i.e. by 6 June).  If you are in a high-risk group, and need to continue to shield or self-isolate, then special arrangements can be agreed with your licence support officer if you haven’t already told us.

From Monday, 1 June:
On this date, we anticipate that our navigations will re-open in full, subject to some exceptions*, and you will be able to undertake longer journeys.
According to current Government guidance, those who do not liveaboard should not stay overnight. We will seek further clarification as to whether overnight stays will be permissible once full navigation resumes.

*Please bear in mind that it will take time to get the entire network fully operational, and booking for some passages and services will be required. Some sections may be closed for a further period. Our website will be updated with the details closer to the time.

Wales: If you or your boat is on a Welsh canal please follow the latest advice which may be different from above.

Please stay safe and stay alert at all times.

Damian Kemp,
Boating communications manager,
Canal & River Trust