Stamp End Lock – 7/8th July

Notice Alert

River Witham
Location: Stamp End Lock
Starts At: Lock 1, Stamp End Lock
Ends At: Lock 1, Stamp End Lock

Tuesday 7 July 2020 until Wednesday 8 July 2020 23:59

Type: Advice
Reason: Information

Original message:

The EA are carrying out essential maintenance works to
the flood lighting at Stamp End Lock.

As a precautionary measure, we have put the lights on red permanently and we ask boaters to proceed with caution.

If the navigation goes into flood, our electrical engineer will be able to remotely change the lights to flashing red, but there may be a slight time delay.

As soon as the works are completed, the lights will be changed back to automatic and will work in accordance with the water levels as normal.

Please follow the government advice – stay alert, control the virus, save lives

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