Updated schedule on works to the Overhead Gas Pipe Bridge 4B – from 6th March

Updated notice on works to Pipe Bridge 4B:

Third party contractors, Alfred Bagnalls & Sons on behalf of Cadent, will be carrying out remedial works to the overhead gas pipe, bridge 4B on the Fossdyke canal for 6 weeks from 6th March.

Scaffolding will be erected over the navigation. Works methodology and access also requires the use of a mobile floating pontoon.

There may be delays of up to 20 minutes for passing craft to allow contractors to move the pontoon if restricting navigation.

We request that passing craft navigate the works location slowly, with caution and in single file.

Contactors will also provide towpath banksman to direct towpath users when the scaffold is being erected.

You can view this notice and its map online here:

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