Passage Plans

Cruise to Boston (3 days)

Simple cruise for all members and all skill levels.

Stamp End lock and all CRT facilities will require a CRT key (available from Burton Waters chandlery or Lock Keeper at Torksey Lock.

The whole cruise is non tidal and is a leisurely sail through the Lincolnshire countryside.

This cruise is best done over 3 days and can be adjusted to 2 days, but this will leave little time for sightseeing.

Cruise to Southery

This is a gentle one day return cruise to Southery, down the River Witham. Only 2 locks to concern you but you will have to operate them yourself.

At Southery you will find 2 CRT pontoons (one each side of the river) but if you want to visit the pub you will need to moor on the starboard side.

This trip is ideal for taking a few friends out for the day with a picnic lunch & a bottle of wine.

What could be better.

Cruise to York via Trent Falls

This cruise is only for experienced sailors with boat capable of 20 knots. Members should have successfully completed at least one cruise on the River Trent and be able to take their boat up onto the plane.

Travel from Torksey to York Marina at Naburn in approximately 90 miles and can take up to 12 hours.

Boats must be able to anchor independently as there are no moorings past Gainsborough.

Normally this cruise will take at least 3 days which gives a rest day in York or the opportunity to cruise further up the non tidal River Ouse.

Cruise to Farndon & Gunthorpe

This is a cruise that can be undertaken by all members as long as they are familiar with large locks. Torksey lock is fairly simple, just follow the lock keepers instructions. Cromwell Lock is a much deeper and longer lock which looks daunting but as long as you follow instructions is comparatively easy. As you approach Newark you will encounter Nether Lock which can be a bit fierce at times as the water initially comes in quickly but soon settles down. Newark Town Lock is the last lock before Farndon and is a simple affair. All locks you will encounter on this cruise are manned by qualified CRT staff.

Farndon is a good marina with excellent facilities, but you will need to book a mooring in advance.

On day 2 you will leave Farndon for one of the prettiest sections of the River Trent. There are 2 more locks to encounter, both of which are manned by CRT staff. Hazelford Lock is fairly simple, just follow instructions. Gunthorpe Lock is also simple and as soon as you are through it you arrive in Gunthorpe.

Our tip is to radio all Lock Keepers on Ch 74 about 5 minutes before you arrive at the lock and they will give you instructions.

Bon Voyage

Cruise to West Stockwith

This cruise to West Stockwith is for the medium experienced skipper as you will be negotiating the River Trent (fastest flowing section, Gainsborough to West Stockwith). The entry into West Stockwith lock is not without it’s difficulty particularly if you arrive at any time outside slack water. There is nowhere to moor up and wait so you must take instructions from an experienced skipper or the lock keepers who are there to help you.

Only boats capable of 15 knots should attempt this cruise.

When you get there, two pub await you, one directly on the waterside and one about 5 minutes walk down the road. There is also West Stockwith Boat Club which like you are members of AWCC. So why not go in and say hello.

You will enjoy this one for a spirited weekend cruise.

Passage plans are for guidance only.  All skippers are responsible for ensuring that this information is correct at time of use.