1. The name of the Club shall be BURTON WATERS BOAT CLUB (BWBC).

2. The Club’s address shall be that of the current Honorary Secretary.

3. The aims and objectives of the Club shall be:

  • To promote common interests, knowledge and friendship between members, other boat clubs and users of the waterways, particularly those mooring their boats in the Burton Waters area.
  • To secure the improvement and development of the waterways particularly those cruised by the Club members.
  • To represent the members collective and individual interests.
  • To provide opportunities for members to meet together for talks discussions, social activities, also to compete as a club at rallies, and to organise other events appropriate to the needs of members.
  • To assist members to improve their boating skills and knowledge by organising and promoting training courses particular to the skills required for good boat handling, through club events and via the sharing of knowledge between club members.
  • The BWBC complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 by using the personal information supplied on the Membership Application form, only for BWBC purposes. Information will not be shared with any third party.
  • BWBC will be managed under this constitution by the elected officers and committee members
  • The Constitution will be circulated to all members and shall appear on the BWBC website and Club Handbook.
    • The Club’s letterhead shall be as shown on the front cover.

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