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Fellow Club members, now is the time when most of us are finalising our plans for the festive end of year.  It is also the time when the Club starts to finalise the events programme for the coming year. You may remember a few months ago we asked members to tell us what you liked, disliked and what type of events you wanted to see in the future.  Whilst there is approximately a fifty/fifty split between boaters and non boaters in the Club, more and varied social events was the most requested.  So we have listened to what was said and have a number of proposed events that we will endeavour to arrange IF there is sufficient uptake of participants.
To gauge the level of interest, you will find here a chart listing the events and a check box alongside.  Please find some time in your schedules to see what is being proposed, click the box alongside all the events you would like to take part in and  we will do the rest.  Most of the events proposed can be arranged for weekdays or weekends and can be arranged for more than one time during the year.  If you have restricted availability, please let us know, otherwise we will assume no restrictions.  We will not necessarily expect large numbers of participants to all events but where we can get a private hire, the more the better.  We want to provide all members with something to look forward to and enjoy as part of your membership of your Boat Club.  Participation in helping select the events will go a long way to ensuring we are catering for the widest range of our membership. Please endeavour to respond before Christmas, that will give us time in January to fix some events and dates.
If you can think of some other events, let us know.
If you are willing to volunteer and help organise an event, let us know.
Some of the events will be opened to non members/residents
In addition to these events, the Club is starting discussions with the RYA regarding training of people new to boating with a view to training some members to become trainers in their own right.  If you think you would like to receive some training or if you would be interested in becoming a Club Trainer, please let us know.
Our events programme 2023 will be presented to all members at our first Club meeting on Friday 3rd February, 2023 and confirmed on the webpage.
Thank you in advance for your participation
Mike Waldron
Commodore, 2023
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