September newsletter published – updated

SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER - read full article here
Upcoming events in September 2022.
2nd Club Night at Quayside Coffee

10th planned date for Fish and Chip supper in Saxilby
10th to 15th date for new cruise to Antons Gowt
24th to 29th date for new cruise to Gunthorpe

To book your place on these new cruises,
please make contact direct with Duncan
Roberts on 07930 808277 or Keith Laver on
07939 279847 []

Please check the Club browser and look out for Club emails giving details of the events; you may be
asked to confirm numbers attending/taking part. Lack of support may mean cancellation.

Well, August got off to a good start. The weather was great for boating. Our first-Friday club night
was well supported and we look forward to that continuing in September and onwards.
Many thanks go to Laura and Graham who kindly gave over their garden to host the Club barbecue
on Saturday 13th. Glorious weather, good company and good conversation.

You will see from the Events shown above for September, we have made a few changes. For now,
we are cancelling the West Stockwith cruise but adding two new cruises that already have
participants but room for more. Contact Duncan or Keith if you want to join the cruise/s
Members participation is the lifeblood of a Club like ours, so we make changes to our Programme of
Events to help reflect the wishes of our members, giving more of what you want. It is important for
you to share with the committee things you would like to see and we will endeavour to make it
happen. We plan to send out a survey detailing all events that have taken place over the years and
we hope that you will get back to us with your likes and dislikes together with any fresh ideas you
may have.

We’re still waiting to hear from you about your recent or planned exploits; where do you like to
cruise to? Best moorings, favourite eating places, tips and ideas. Send your stories to Cut-off date for next issue is 15 September.

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