1st Friday Club Meeting – 2nd September

On Her Majesties Secret Quiz

Now we have switched back to our usual monthly first Friday meeting we are looking to all club members to join in and help us make it a good night. We want to put something on each month and so throw your ideas into the pot.


This Next meeting Friday 2nd September will be a quiz titled “On Her Majesties Secret Quiz” and yes there is a hint of James Bond in some of the questions.

Attendees don’t need to be shaken just stirred to come along and have a go, it could be fun and there’s a round of drinks for the top team (max four contenders), no need to Q.  We start at 008 (after 007). Never say Never, don’t be a Dr No. So if the World is Not Enough, come along and fill in the gaps. M will be setting the questions.


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