Information on navigation Hazard complaint – CRT CASE:701374

Email to CRT

Hi, you can see below I complained about the hazard created by the hanging growth from a willow tree in the centre of Lincoln on river Witham. I passed through Lincoln today and have to report that both willow trees are a significant hazard to navigation. It is virtually impossible to see is another vessel is approaching. There are vessels moored that restrict width of the river and if you are in a cruiser, aligning to the centre of the footbridge is essential. Passing through the hanging growth, I noticed there are some branches that are quite thick and would cause damage to masts/ariels is hit.

Please can something be done now, it really isn’t an acceptable situation.

Response from CRT

Thank you for your email and getting in touch with us.  I can advise we are very much aware of this problem and the difficulties it is causing our customers trying to use this stretch of navigation.  The Trees are unfortunately not ours and are on a conservation area.  However, we have been liaising with the local council who are responsible and they do have plans to cut them back.  There are some delays as nesting birds have been located in the trees, but as soon as they are able to, they have informed us they will be cutting these trees back.

Willow near Torksey - email to CRT

There’s another willow that’s restricting navigation, reducing navigation width by probably 75%.
It is next to a house on Fossdyke near the 5km marker from Torksey.

Willow near Torksey - No response as yet

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