Ahoy ship mates, only just over a week until the Treasure Hunt – 15th August

Avast Ye

Sign up at bjjopson@gmail.com for an afternoon of fun on the water, solving Captain Pete’s clues to lead you to the (not so) secret location. Fun for the whole crew nothing too taxing the cabin boy (or girl) will be able to help.

Bring your own rations and grog to enjoy on your boat, if you do want to check out what treasures the Pirates on the other boats have, ensure you stay socially distanced 1m apart, that’s about a cutlass length.

The winner was to get a plunder of doubloons but some, bilge-sucking buccaneer had them away so it’s going to the Taggart Trophy which you keep for the year, which is even better.

Yo Ho Ho!

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