Equinox are the winners of the 2019 Treasure Hunt

The weather couldn’t have been better for the 2019 Treasure Hunt last Sunday, 5 boats took part, first having to find the hidden clues hidden around the water at Burton Waters, which meant skippers using their helming skill to the full, a particular mention goes to Paul Williams a novice skipper who has only had his boat for a few weeks who maneuvered like a pro.  Having solved the clues at Burton Waters boats headed of to the Brayford answering questions on route (do you know what you must not do at Burton Waters with children on board?).  Everyone made it safely there and back to the Pyewipe (what does most of the rest of the world call a Pyewipe?) for the scoring.

The end result was close, with only 5 marks between top and bottom.  The winner with only two questions wrong were the crew of Equinox skippered by Andy Baker, their first time taking part in a BWBC event – congratulations.

The wonderful Taggart trophy will now be engraved with ‘Equinox’ and will be Andy’s to keep and display for the year.

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