Farndon Rally 2018 -Cancelled

It has become clear that the tides are all wrong for the Farndon Cruise, so we have decided to cancel.
In it’s place we have decided to lay on a cruise to Woodhall Spa which will leave Burton Waters on Saturday morning 8th September and return Sunday afternoon 9th September. Currently there are 5 boats going to Woodhall Spa.
Because there are a number of members who can only do day trips, we have arranged that on Sunday 9th September there will be another cruise to Washingborough where we shall meet up at lunchtime, with the returning boats from Woodhall Spa with everyone adjourning to the Ferryboat for lunch. (if they can take us). All boats meeting at Washingborough should be prepared to picnic if we can’t get into the Ferryboat.
Any member wishing to go to Woodhall Spa should contact Keith Laver (07939 276847)
Any member wishing to go on the Sunday day cruise to Washingborough should contact me (01522 511220)
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