RIBER throw bag rescue line – safety issue

RIBER throw lines have failed during rescues (fortunately during a manoverboard rescue exercise rather than a real emergency)

If you have a RIBER throw line you should read this report from the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).

Failure of a throw bag rescue line

THE MIAB are recommending that all Throw Lines are checked as follows:-

1. The entire length of the rescue line should be examined for joins or other discontinuities. This can
best be done by feeling along the length of the line with bare hands to identify rough patches or

2. Any knots, splices or other methods of securing the ends of the line to handles, quoits or other parts
of the equipment should also be checked for integrity.

3. The throw bag should be inspected and tried at regular intervals and repacked according to the
manufacturer’s instructions, as otherwise the line may not deploy freely from the bag when required.

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